Why Women Love Gilbert Blythe and Why Guys Should Pay Attention

Green Gables fans everywhere were shocked and saddened by the death of Jonathan Crombie, aka, Gilbert Blythe of Sullivan’s beloved TV series. In memory of the sweet, sweet guy who played literature’s favorite boy-next-door, I wrote a post about why we girls love Gil and why guys might want to pay attention.

Click on the picture below and check it out!  Hope you like it :)

Why Women Love Gilbert Blythe


september meme//classics club

Time for September’s Classic’s Club meme question!

Pick a classic someone else in the club has read from our big review list. Link to their review and offer a quote from their post describing their reaction to the book. What about their post makes you excited to read that classic in particular?

I chose Emily of A Happier Emily and her review of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.

My first exposure to Les Mis was when I was about 12 or 13 and the choir I was in sang “Do You Hear the People Sing?”  That song will forever give me chills.  It’s so…EPIC!!!

Even so, I had no idea what the book/musical/movie was about.  I added it to my CC list cause I figured it was time I found out what makes it such a timeless piece!

This beautiful thought in Emily’s review caught my attention and has definitely peeked my interest all the more!!

“What struck me the most, throughout the novel, was how love was ever present in the characters’ lives. Even in their miserable, wretched, and often destitute states those outcasts, underdogs, rejected from society and rebels against society- they were often motivated by some form of love.”

Don’t know when I’m going to finally pick this book up, but I am totally looking forward to reading it :).