2015 POPSUGAR Reading Challeng



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Titles Completed:

  • A Book with More Than 500 Pages —
  • Classic Romance —
  • A Book That Became a Movie —
  • A Book Published this Year — Keep it Shut//Karen Ehman
  • A Book with a Number in the Title — 31 Days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer//Jenn Sprinkle & Kelly Rucker
  • A Book Written by Someone Under 30 —
  • A Book with Non-human Characters —
  • A Funny Book —
  • A Book by a Female Author — Code Name Verity//Elizabeth Wein
  • A Mystery or Thriller — The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle//Avi
  • A Book with a One-Word Title — Radical//David Platt
  • A Book of Short Stories —
  • A Book Set in a Different Country — The Advocate//Randy Singer
  • A Nonfiction Book — Make it Happen//Lara Casey
  • A Popular Author’s Favorite Book —
  • A Book from an Author You Love But You Haven’t Read Yet — Rich Mom Business Home Start Up Bible//Renae Christine
  • A Book a Friend Recommended —
  • A Pulitzer Prize-Winning Book —
  • A Book Based on a True Story —
  • A Book at the Bottom of Your TBR List —
  • A Book Your Mom Loves —
  • A Book That Scares You —
  • A Book More Than 100 Years Old —
  • A Book Based Entirely on its Cover —
  • A Book You Were Supposed to Read in School But Didn’t
  • A Memoir — Everyday Matters//Daniel Gregory
  • A Book You Can Finish in a Day —
  • A Book with Antonyms in the Title —
  • A Book Set Somewhere You Want to Visit —
  • A Book that Came out the Year You Were Born —
  • A Book with Bad Reviews —
  • A Trilogy —
  • A Book from Your Childhood — Beezus and Ramona//Beverly Cleary
  • A Book with a Love Triangle —
  • A Book Set in the Future
  • A Book Set in High School
  • A Book That Made You Cry
  • A Graphic Novel
  • A Book by an Author You’ve Never Read — The Kite Runner//Khaled Hosseini
  • A Book That Takes Place in Your Hometown
  • A Book Originally Written in Different Language
  • A Book Set During Christmas
  • A Book Written by an Author with Your Initials
  • A Play
  • A Banned Book
  • A Book Based on or Turned into TV
  • A Book You Started But Never Finished


6 thoughts on “2015 POPSUGAR Reading Challeng

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