2015 Monthly Key Word Challenge


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Each month as a list of keywords. At leas one of those words must be in the title of the book you read that month.  How fun!!

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Here are the Key Words:

  • JAN- Bird, Girl, Ever, Silence, Bad, Truth, End
  • FEB- Key, Water, Lie, Chase, Heir, Once
  • MAR- Kind, Face, Power, City, Blue, Night, To
  • APR- Dream, Prince, Long, Wind, Rose, The, Rock
  • MAY- Ash, Road, Thief, Bend, In, Far
  • JUN- My, Together, Whisper, Win, Soul, Sleep
  • JUL- Sun, Unto, Energy, Fate, High, Look
  • AUG- Fall, Boy, Glass, Heart, Lost, Now
  • SEP- Color, Touch, Life, Day, How, Sweet
  • OCT- Ghost, Home, Beach, Away, Test, Number
  • NOV- Rise, Holiday, And, Little, Call, Dark
  • DEC- Space, Mirror, Over, Flower, Trap, Cold

Titles Completed:


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