7 Reasons Why You Should Be Reading Books

Click on the pic below to check out my top 7 reasons to read books :)7-Reasons-Why-You-Should-Be-Reading-Books-1024x1024


15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Days 3, 4, & 5

I’m going to knock out a few of these today.


[3] Who are your blogging BFFs?

Besides my real-life BFF, Arielle, who blogs @ Words to Match, and my other sweet blogging friend, Jobe @ Jobe Reads, I don’t really have any blogging bffs!

[4] What’s the last book you flung against the room?

I don’t think I’ve ever thrown a book across the room although, I came close with Robinson Crusoe.  I just gave up and didn’t finish that one!

[5] Recommend a tear-jerker.

When’s the last time I read a book that made me cry?

Oh!  The Fault in Our Stars definitely made me cry.

Yep.  That’s about it. Lol.

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