long time no spin!!

It’s been awhile since I’ve participated in a Classics Club event and I’ve missed all the fun! What’s more, I’ve missed the last 4 Classics Spins!  Jumping into #8 with my list of 20 titles.  No categories or bells and whistles, just a random pick from my master list :)

  1. I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings//Maya Angelou
  2. Fahrenheit 451//Ray Bradbury
  3. What Katy Did//Susan Coolidge
  4. An American Tragedy//Theodore Dreiser
  5. Invisible Man//Ralph Ellison
  6. Silas Marner//George Eliot
  7. Madame Bovary//Gustave Flaubert
  8. The Old Man and the Sea//Ernest Hemingway
  9. Portrait of a Lady//Henry James
  10. Heaven to Betsy//Maud Hart Lovelace
  11. The Death of a Salesman//Arthur Miller
  12. Anne of the Island//Lucy Maud Montgomery
  13. Pygmalion//George Bernard Shaw
  14. The Jungle//Upton Sinclair
  15. Of Mice and Men//John Steinbeck
  16. All-of-a-Kind Family//Sydney Taylor
  17. The Warden//Anthony Trollope
  18. The Age of Innocence//Edith Wharton
  19. Little House in the Big Woods//Laura Ingalls Wilder
  20. Mrs. Dalloway//Virginia Woolf

Next Monday the spin number will be revealed and I will post which of my twenty I’ll be reading this winter. The rules state I have until January 5 to complete whichever book is chosen.

Can’t wait to see what I get! :)

Happy spinning!


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