and the bride wore white | book review

Hello Readers!

Picking up where I left off at the end of last month and continuing on this series of reviews about singleness and purity.  I finished this one during my finals week and it was worth every extra minute away from my textbooks! (Not recommended behavior by any stretch, I’m just bein’ honest!).

9250526And the Bride Wore White by Dannah Gresh

Rating: 4.0 – 4.0

My Thoughts: This book is a gem!  It’s no wonder why it has sold so many copies over the years.  Gresh is completely honest and real and I super appreciated that about her writing! As the subtitle says, she goes through seven secrets of sexual purity and encourages women to embrace them for all the wonderful benefits they offer.

Gresh goes through the big sex-lies that Satan has fed our culture and how those lies effect our lives when we embrace them.  She talks about the beauty of purity’s dreams and importance of nurturing a strong relationship with Jesus.  She speaks practically about dating and candidly about the purpose of sex.  She gives in-depth advice about forgiveness and freedom from past mistakes and shares the sweet joys of waiting emotionally and physically.  She’s honest about the struggles and challenges as well as the victories and rewards.

This book is, I suppose, geared largely to high school-aged girls.  As a twenty-something, I still recommend it to my demographic. I also highly recommend it to moms of girls as well.  Whatever age bracket you you fall into, it’s a beautiful place to start or pick up the conversation on purity.  It’s a message that needs to permeate through the church.

I highly, highly, highly recommend you pick up a copy as soon as you can! In fact, I’ll do you one better: why don’t you CLICK HERE to purchase it on Amazon right now! You’ll love it, I guarantee it!

Happy reading :)


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