when God writes your love story | book review

Good Morning Everyone!

So I continue in my reviews of books on relationships, singleness and purity.  This is turning into a bit of a series!  It has been more than a few months since I’ve finished this one so I have to go back aways in my brain but this is a super fantastic read and I can’t wait to share my thoughts with you!

When-God-Writes-Your-Love-Story1When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric and Leslie Ludy

Rating: 4.0 – 4.0

My Thoughts: For anyone who’s read my review of When God Writes Your Life Story and Teaching True Love to a Sex-at-13 Generation you know that Eric and Leslie Ludy are two of my favorite authors.  I’ve read almost every one of their books (several of which I’ve yet to review :P) and I think they’re pretty awesome writers and Christians!

When God Writes Your Love Story is a beautiful, practical look at romance God’s way. True to their style, Eric and Leslie serve up honesty, humor, and biblical counsel on all things romance and purity.  I love their personal stories, struggles and victories. They challenge readers to consider what/who controls their life, to evaluate their current relationships, and seek after a “sweeter song” than the one this sex-saturated world is singing. They challenge readers to pursue honor and God-driven passion.

When you think about, the message is simple: follow where God leads, but the application can seem ambiguous.  Where exactly is God leading?  Eric and Leslie offer practical ways on how to follow His unique plans for your life.  They show that romance is a beautiful thing when we let the Author of romance script His special story for us.  He knows our hearts, our desires, and our needs and His plans for your life are so much bigger and better than anything we could ever dream up for ourselves.  But first, we’ve got to give Him the pen!

As you can imagine, I highly recommend this book, it’s fantastic.  It’s filled with Bible verses and discussion questions to prompt further study and conversation. Read it, share it, read it again. You won’t be sorry, I can promise you that!

Happy reading!



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