15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Days 6

I was going through some old blog posts and realized I never finished this challenge! How negligent of me!

(Actually, truth be told, I just got super busy :P).

But how’s about picking it up again even though it’s several months removed?


[6] Describe how you shop for books.

So I have these wish lists on Amazon, see, and I have my books organized in several lists by genre or author.  On payday, I peruse through my lists and select a title or two or three…or four and purchase!  I also shop at Thriftbooks.com and sometimes find better prices on books I don’t mind buying used. I also love, love, love shopping at physical book stores. I could spend hours browsing the stacks.

How do you buy books?

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2 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Days 6

  1. Hey! Glad to have you back! We’ve missed you… :-)
    I shop for books rather randomly – I don’t have any sort of organized TBR, just one in my head, so whatever book happens to be at the forefront of my mind, I get!
    I did this challenge at my blog at some point last fall, so if you feel like stopping by to see my extensive answer to this question and to the other 14, please do!

  2. Well I don’t purchase books on a habitual basis after my payday like you do, but when I do buy books, it’s Amazon, or if I happen to be strolling through a book store I’ll usually buy some that looks fun. I too enjoy bookstores and find its atmosphere and setting comforting, quaint, and slightly invigorating, its like an oasis of calm amidst the noise and traffic of a shopping mall (which can be quite enjoyable too, but its a different kind of energy, ya know?).

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