Operation Deepen Faith 2014

I know I said in my previous post that I’m keeping my reading goals modest this year.  Yeeeah, well, I’ve kind of disregarded that already.  I’ve already pledged to read 100 titles this year instead of the 50 I tried for last year.  Notice I said ‘tried for‘ because I didn’t quite make it.  Almost, but not quite.  Is that going to stop me from the temptation of pledging to read 100 titles?  Pshh, ‘course not!  You can check out book reading pledges on GoodReads and 50 Book Pledge

But I’m starting off-topic.  Let’s get to the purpose of this post.  There is one more reading challenge I want to participate in and it deserves it’s own post.



Hosted at Operation Actually Read Bible

I tried to read the whole Bible last year and didn’t finish (I’m noticing a trend in book reading failure :P).  I found this great challenge and decided to give it a go.  Here’s how it works:

I. Wonderful Words of Life. Goal: Read the Bible using a Bible Plan

  • I’m going to be reading the Bible chronologically this time around.  I’ve chosen the Chronological Life Application Study Bible KJV. It’s on it’s way from Amazon now and will arrive on Saturday :). Sooooo excited to begin!!!

II. How Firm A Foundation. Goal: STUDY one book of the Bible throughout the year.

  • I’m not quite sure which book I’m going to choose yet… I’ll keep you posted!

III. Deep and Wide; Goal: read multiple books of the bible in multiple translations.

  • My pastor is doing a study on different Bible versions so this is perfect!  I’ll pick a few to go through specifically this year!

VI. Christian Nonfiction. 

  • My minimum goal will be to read at least 10 Christian nonfiction titles.  And they can be in any genre: spiritual growth, women’s interest, biography, etc.

I am super stoked about this challenge!! Check out the complete details for Operation Deepen Faith and peruse the whole website by clicking HERE.

Stay blessed and Happy Reading!!


5 thoughts on “Operation Deepen Faith 2014

  1. This is really cool! One of my resolutions this year is to read the entire Bible, and to that effect I’ve started something at my blog that I’m calling The Bible Project to sort of keep me on track and motivated. If I hadn’t started that already I would totally join you in the Operation Deepen Faith!

  2. So glad you’re joining in! I’ll also be using the KJV Chronological Life Application Bible. I got it for Christmas, and it’s WONDERFUL. I love it so much already!

  3. I praised you for your modest reading goals in your last posts and then boom, you post this. ;) Well, I totally get it. The desire to complete more, more is strong! I’m feelin’ it too.

    I was also considering reading the Bible chronologically this year but haven’t decided yea or nay yet. I know I need to spend more time in the Word one way or the other though, so pledges/goals in this area are important. I think I stress myself out with trying to do everything in a year though, so I might make a 2-year read-through-the-Bible goal.

    I am currently trying to study 1 John more in depth. Perhaps that could be your full-book-study choice too? ;) Just a thought.

    Again, good luck with all of your goals in 2014. Have a good week, Elyssa!

    • Hahaa!! I figured you hadn’t read this post yet!! Yeeeah well you sympathize ;). 2 year reading plan does sound good! When I get my new Bible I’m going to take stock, organize everything and consider my options. I was feeling kind of rushed last year so I may consider a 2 year route. And 1 John is a great choice, thanks for the recommendation!!

      Best wishes on your reading goals for the new year too!! :)

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