Little Women Final Post!

Hello Readers!

I hope everyone had a beautiful Christmas :).

Yesterday was the last day of our read-along!  I hope you all finished and enjoyed the book as much as I did!!  Like I mentioned before, reading it again as an adult, has been so great and the story touched my heart in ways it hadn’t in the past.

LittleWomen ButtonThe one thing I’m still not completely resigned about is the fact that Laurie and Jo don’t end up together :/.  I like Professor Bhaer, I do and I get the fact that Laurie and Jo were more like brother and sister but still… I don’t know, something inside me still wishes it should have worked out between them.  Maybe it’s because I identify with Jo’s character and would totally marry Laurie, I don’t know!  I could do a whole post on Laurie vs Fritz… Yeah, I’ll have to think about that cause I’ve never had peace about this.

I’m going to save my comments for my final review but I want to know what you thought. Did Little Women live up to your expectations?  Was it just as sweet as you remembered?

Thanks so much for joining me in closing out the year with my favorite novel!  Stay tuned for news about the giveaway for this even as well as the giveaway for those who participated in the The Count of Monte Cristo Read-Along (yes, I know I’m terribly behind! I’m sounding like a broken record :P Bear with me as I get my act together for the new year!).

Happy happy New Year!! Stay blessed and keep reading ;)



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