Little Women Check-In #2

Hey Dear Readers!!

LittleWomen ButtonI hope your Christmas season is going fabulously and you’re taking time to enjoy the wonder and happiness of the season!  And I really hope you’re enjoying Little Women so far! We’re about halfway done, whoot!!

I’m actually a bit behind :P. Just starting part two.  Right now, I’m off to get ready to snuggle under my covers and knock out a couple more chapters of the audiobook, which I’m seriously enjoying!  Listening to Barbra Caruso read my favorite book is like drinking hot cocoa from my favorite mug, for real!


Tell me how you’re coming along so far! Look forward to your thoughts :).

Have a great night!!

And happy reading ;)



One thought on “Little Women Check-In #2

  1. I think I’m hopeless at read-a-thons: I’ve already finished the book! :) I think the first part has a much more satisfactory ending than the second one, and it has a more Christmasy feeling to it. But it is also more childish, so I’d still prefer the second part if I had to choose! It has ALL THE FEELINGS! OK, OK, I’ll wait until the read-a-thon is there to discuss it!

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