Little Women Read Along Begins!!

Happy December, Dear Readers!

It has arrived!! Time to break out those copies of LM Alcott’s beloved classic, Little Women! (This post is kind of late in the day so perhaps you’ve already started!).

I did a post shortly after joining the Classics Club about Little Women being my favorite novel. It still is and I CAN’T WAIT to read it again!! It’s such a homey story, perfect for the Christmas season!


There are 47 chapters in this book and we have 28 days to read so if you average 2 chapters a day, you’re good to go!

I will be doing a giveaway so be sure to stay tuned and participate in check-ins! This event will be much easier for me than The Count of Monte Cristo because it is a re-read. I will do my best to post every Sunday :).

Those of you who tweet can hashtag #lwreadalong and you be sure to add any links to your blog posts in the comments!

So excited you’ve decided to read Little Women this holiday season, I’m sure we’ll have a marvelous time!

Happy reading!

Elyssa :)


5 thoughts on “Little Women Read Along Begins!!

  1. I may or may not join this read-a-long, we’ll just see what strikes my fancy. :) Having come out of The Count of Monte Cristo, I need a little break! Hope everything goes well for you all!

  2. Hi Elyssa! I just found your blog through Mabel in kind of a convoluted way via Goodreads. I really enjoyed reading some of your posts and snooping at your lists. :-) This read-along is very tempting. I’m supposed to be doing an Alcott Event for this month, so this might fit in. I’ll do my best. Thanks for hosting!

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