The Count of Monte Cristo Final Check-In!

Hello Readers!!

TCOMC RA ButtonI hope all of you stateside had a great Thanksgiving and made wonderful memories with the people you love!  I have had a blast the past couple of days :).

Can you believe November is over?  And that means  our read-along has come to an end!  I know a couple of you have finished; I’m not sure about the rest.  I apologize for being absent the past couple of weeks, I was due for a third check-in and never came through :P.  But how did you make out?  Was it as good as you expected?  Did it exceed your expectations?  I want to hear what you thought!

Unfortunately, I was unable to finish in time (wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!).  My schedule was completely unrelenting and I had to pick and choose what took priority.  I do have the audiobook version, so I’ll try and finish up over the next few weeks and get my review out!  However, I’m so glad I was able to facilitate this event and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves!  I can’t wait to read your reviews!!!  I will be checking out the comments for the giveaway, so stay tuned!

Stay blessed :)



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