The Count of Monte Cristo Check-In #2

Hello Readers!

How’s everyone doing so far?  I must confess I’m still dreadfully behind.  This past week began my first term of online classes at Thomas Edison State College and it has been quite a challenge to find extra time for anything else. But I’m trekking along and will make it through before the month is out –  I’m determined!  For now, I open this post for y’all to check-in, comment and share your thoughts!


I’m was so very glad to see the positive comments from last check-in.  This is a really good book, yeah?  It doesn’t lose speed and you never know what’s coming up next!  As much as I will always love the movie, I can’t help wishing they had stuck more with the original story.  BBC needs to get on that…

I hate to run off, but I have 2 assignments to finish for school!

Wishing everyone a fabulous week!

Happy reading!



5 thoughts on “The Count of Monte Cristo Check-In #2

  1. I am at 60% on my Kindle! I just don’t know if I’m gonna make it! Maybe you’ll extend the deadline when it comes around… :) I’m having a tough time keeping up, although I am greatly enjoying it. I missed a lot of evening reading this week due to being busy every evening though, so that’s part of it. I hope to update JobeReads with a post soon. Hope all is well with you, and that school and work are going well!

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