The Count of Monte Cristo Check In #1

Hello Readers!

Time to check in and see how everyone’s doing so far in the book!

Just an FYI, I will be making some references to the movie during the read-along, but I’ll try not to give away anything important so I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it!!


Confession: I’m probably behind all of you :P. But that is a-okay. Y’all keep plugging along. And any spoilers in comments will not bother me so chat away, if you’d like.  However, a pace of 2.5 chapters per day brings us to chapter 42 so, please no comments about anything beyond that. Thanks :)

Let me just say that it took me a minute to shift gears and get used to how different it is from the movie!! Book shock, much?  I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.  But I am really enjoying it despite the longwinded bits (again, maybe that’s just me!).

I like the fact that you get the political, historical backdrop in the book, although, I must confess, I sort of yawned my way through it.  I also loved reading the father-son relationship between Abbe Faria & Dantes. That was really touching.

But probably the one thing that THREW ME OFF was Fernand!  If you’ve seen the movie, you know what I mean.  Oh my goodness, I was not expecting him to hate Edmond from the beginning.  Well then, this story is going in a completely different direction than I anticipated!  I’m excited to see what happens!

Can’t wait to see how ya’ll are doing so far!



I’ve decided to do a giveaway for this read along like I did for The Pilgrim’s Progress. It’s real simple: each comment you make counts as an entry.  The person with the most comments at the end of the event can choose a book from either my CLASSICS CLUB LIST or my READING LISTSo comment away!!

Happy, happy reading :)


10 thoughts on “The Count of Monte Cristo Check In #1

  1. I bet you are not failing as much as I am. . . . I have started it, I promise!! But I’m not even past 1% on my kindle yet :-( Brain has just not been in the wrong place. Lets hope I can kick it into gear before the end of November and make a proper effort of it!

  2. I’m a little behind too and just started the book! Read the first two chapters today and hope to catch up quickly. So far I like how characters and a story have been introduced right away. I think this will be a great read!

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  4. You’re a little further along than I am — I got distracted by life — but I’m back into and loving it. I’m so glad you decided to do this read-along as it might have taken me awhile to get back to this book. I’d forgotten how great it really is. Right now our hero has just gotten aboard the smuggler’s ship. :)

  5. I am really enjoying it! Thanks for doing the readalong–I would not have picked it up on my own (well, until next year). Very exciting! I am on chapter 54 or thereabouts–a little bit ahead of schedule but only by a whisker. I’ve been reading about 3 chapters a day, but sometimes don’t get my bit read, so it comes out even.

  6. Woohoo! I am loving this book! Just starting chapter 38 so I have some catching up to do but I feel good about it. Love the style of writing and the plotline…it keeps me guessing.

  7. Will there be another check-in soon? I will be catching up for quite some time, I think….just scaling chap. 51. I should be on chap. 62 if I had read 2 chapters a day–even further if I was reading 2.5! Looks like I have a mass of reading to do in the near future!

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