the pilgrim’s progress | book review

I have a list of 13 books I’ve read over the past several months and failed to review and I’m chipping away one at a time.  The first title I need to get done is definitely The Pilgrim’s Progress.  

You may know that I hosted a read-along (my very first!) for this book this past summer. Well, I did a final check-in post but never got around to typing up my thoughts on the entire book!!  So here goes!


The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

Rating: 3.5 – 4.0

My thoughts:

First, it must be said that this book is not to be rushed through by any means.  If you’ve read it or attempted to read it, you know what I’m talking about!  This book is rich with imagery and meaning and depth.  It’s not just a classic, it is a religious book, period.  The spiritual themes cannot be ignored and a reader with a working knowledge of the Bible will understand the language and commentary.  It definitely deserves a re-read, only, next time, nice and slow!  My copy was great because it had notes, and Bible references in the margins which helped a lot!!  If you’re thinking of getting a hard copy, I highly recommend the Barnes & Noble version like the one pictured here.

There’s something special about reading something written by someone who believes in what they’re writing about.  Bunyan wrote this book from prison where he was incarcerated for preaching the Gospel.  It doesn’t get any more intense than that!

I’m not going to go through details of the book, I already did some of that in my check-ins:

Check In #1
Check In #2
Check In #3
Check In #4
Final Check In

What I will say about the book is that as difficult as it was at times, it’s a beautiful read.  I think every Christian should read it at least once.  It makes you think and evaluate you’re own walk.  I’m very glad I included it on my TBR list this year and tackled it this summer!

This is also a good time to note that my dear friend, Jobe, from Jobe Reads, won the giveaway and I will be sending her a hard copy of  The Pilgrim’s Progress for her personal library!!

I’d love to here your thoughts about the book!  Did you participate in the summer read-along?  Have you read it in years past?  Or maybe it’s on you list and you haven’t gotten to it yet.  Leave a comment below!!

Happy reading, y’all!


4 thoughts on “the pilgrim’s progress | book review

  1. I commend you. Old English is harder to read, although beautiful. in addtion to that, this book is to be savored for its imagery and depth. I read the modern language version and loved it.

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