The Count of Monte Cristo Read-Along Begins!

I can’t believe October has arrived!  You know what that means?  It means that tomorrow we start reading Dumas’ classic, The Count of Monte Cristo!  And I don’t now about you, but I’m really looking forward to it!  


Since we’ve got two months to read this hefty book, I’ve divided the reading into two parts:

October – Chapters 1-59

November – Chapters 60-118

This will keep me motivated and on point as I squeeze my reading into my busy schedule.  I can read about two and a half-ish chapters a day and finish with a bit of breathing room which I will desperately need!  Feel free to read as your schedules allow you! No pressure :).

I’ll post a halfway report at the end of October and then a full review at the end of the read-along as well as bi-monthly check-ins so ya’ll can post your comments about how you’re getting along!!

I received comments on my announcement this past summer from those of you who were wanting to participate.  I’d love for you to comment here and let me know if you’re still on board!  Or perhaps you are just finding out about the read-along and are thinking of joining.  Glad to have you as well!  Anyone can jump in at anytime, as long as you finish the book by the 29th of November.

I’m thinking about a giveaway. . . details to follow ;).

So, without further ado, let the reading begin! . . . Um tomorrow that is!

Happy reading!!


24 thoughts on “The Count of Monte Cristo Read-Along Begins!

  1. I’m still down. I made a bit of progress on it during a read-along last year so I’ll pick up from where I left off. I’m hoping for a bit more success this time.

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