leota’s garden | book review


Leota’s Garden by Francine Rivers

Rating: 3.0 – 4.0

My Thoughts:

I listened to this audiobook a month or so ago.  It was my first Francine Rivers novel and I must say I enjoyed it!

The story is about Leota, an lonely woman with a garden that once spoke of devotion and hope but now only reminds her of disappointment and neglect.  Her own daughter has neglected her and is doing her best to make sure her daughter, Annie, pursues the best life has to offer, regardless of what Annie herself desires.  Annie, tired of her mother’s smothering decides to reconnect with her grandmother, Leota, much to her mother’s frustration.  What unfolds is a beautiful relationship that results in confessions, discoveries, and changed lives.

It was a sweet story.  I will say there was one thing about the ending that I did not like.  If you have read the book you might recollect what I’m referring to.  If you do read it, come back and tell me what you think.

All in all, I recommend it!  If you get a hold of the audio, it’s worth a listen, the narrator was a good fit for the story.

I’m slowly making my way through Rivers’ novel, Redeeming Love.  

What have you read by Francine Rivers?  What do you recommend?


7 thoughts on “leota’s garden | book review

  1. I am glad to hear the you liked this one. I have it on my bookshelf…one of those that has been there a long time! :) Now I know it will b worth the wait.

  2. Yes! Redeeming Love is phenomanal book. I’m biased though, I love the book of Hosea anyway ;) I would highly recommend them! The Mark of the Lion are some of my all-time favorites. You know those books you go back to over and over when you just need a comfort read? Yep, those are some of mine :)

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