The Pilgrim’s Progress Check-In #4

Large ButtonHello Readers!

I know I’m still super behind but I am catching up!  Two more check-in posts after this one and we shall be finished!  I don’t know about you but as much as I’ve enjoyed this book, I am so ready to be with this book!

This first installment of Christiana’s journey had me thinking that I wasn’t going to like the second part as much as the first.  I couldn’t help wondering why Bunyan even bothered writing a second part.  Christian made to the Glorious City, the end right?  I know that Christian was heartbroken that his wife and children did not accompany him, but really, Bunyan covered so much theology and made so many parallels to real people and situations to finish the story comfortably.  But then I got to the part when the Interpreter asks Christiana why she decided to become a Pilgrim.

“Christiana answered, First, the loss of my Husband came into my mind, at which I was heartily grieved; but all that was natural affection. Then, after that came the troubles and Pilgrimage of my Husband into my mind, and also how like a churl I had carried it to him as to that. So Guilt took hold of my mind, and would have drawn me into the pond; but that opportunely I had a dream of the well-being of my Husband, and a Letter sent me by the King of that country where my Husband dwells to come to him.  The dream and the Letter together so wrought upon my mind, that they forced me to this Way.”

Okay, Bunyan, I get it.  There’s so much more to explore.  Alright, let’s go.  So I continued.

Then comes Great-Heart and the discussion between him and our two lady Pilgrims about Christ’s Righteousness and the gift He imparts to people.  Mind blown.  I have never heard the Righteousness of Christ explained that way.  It was quite an interesting breakdown.  I’m going to have to go over that and see what I think about it…

Did anyone else find it interesting how Mercy breaks into song?  This, of course, isn’t the first time there is singing or verse but it amused me how there’s solemn conversation about how the three men, Simple, Sloth, and Presumption are hanging and Mercy ‘turned it into a Song’ and proceeds to sing about how their hanging shall be a sign to others.  It reminded me of the singing Clown in Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.  I’m not exactly sure why, but that’s what came to mind.

That is it for now my friends.  I’m on a weekend trip with my brother and cousins and I’m tired and in a bit of a silly mood right now.  If it’s coming through my notes, I do apologize but I needed to get this finished so I can get on with the next section!  Two more to goooooooo!! I may actually make it :)).

How are you all making out?  Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Stay blessed and happy reading :).


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