15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1

Found this challenge on a fellow blogger’s site and thought it looked like fun!  The original post can be found at Good Books Good Wine.


[1] Make 15 book related confessions:

  1. I love, love, love the way my books look all lined up in their bookcases.
  2. I, for real, spend a considerable amount of time shopping used books online, comparing prices, editions, and conditions.
  3. When it comes to my material possessions, I’m pretty much worth the clothes in my closet and the books on my shelves. Considering the fact that I shop used/thrift 7 times out of 10, the resale value is pennies on the dollar.
  4. If all the money I’ve spent on library fines could be refunded to me. . . let’s just say I could buy a good many books from my Amazon wish lists and still have money left over to treat myself to dinner.
  5. I get physically giddy when walk into Barnes & Noble.
  6. I bring a book with me everywhere even if I know I may not get a chance to read it.
  7. I’m building a collection of all my favorite children’s books.
  8. I do judge books by their cover.  Just sayin’.
  9. I do love my Kindle Paperwhite but when all is said and done, I’m a hardcover kinda’ reader.
  10. I feel sorry for people who don’t enjoy reading.
  11. I know I might get grief for this one and I know the genre is an artistic one in it’s right but when someone says they read a comic book I still don’t consider it the same thing as reading a regular book.
  12. Gilbert Blythe is ten times better in the book than in the movies.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s amazing in the movies, there’s just more of him to love in the books!
  13. I heard they’re making John Green’s The Fault in Our Stars into a movie and I’m nervous they’re going to get Hazel and Augustus all wrong…
  14. Reading outside of my intellectual comfort zone is such a thrilling experience!
  15. I think people underestimate the power of the written word.

Have you any bookish confessions to make?  It’s quite a fun exercise, you should give it a go!

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Happy reading, y’all!


3 thoughts on “15 Day Book Blogger Challenge | Day 1

  1. #5, #6, #10, #11, and #12 yes,yes,yes! :) Oooooh, and they already cast Hazel and Augustus (along with some of the other characters) for The Fault in Our Stars adaption! Not sure how I feel about the actress for Hazel, but I’m loving Gus! pagetopremiere.com is a handy little site for keeping up with books turned movies.

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