Austen in August!

I’m a bit late in my master post for this event, but I just wanted to write a few lines about what I’m reading for Austen in August this year!


I’ve chosen Pride and Prejudice as my Austen novel.  I’ve never finished reading the book and I’m really enjoying it so far!!  I’m already on Chapter 9 so I may have time to crack open Northanger Abbey as well.  I don’t want to push it but we shall see.

I also bought copies of A Jane Austen Devotional and A Truth Universally Acknowledged: 33 Great Writers on Why We Read Jane Austen. The devotional is a sweet collection of thoughts that draw biblical truths from Austen’s work.  It’s light, feel good stuff that is a nice way to begin or end the day.  Nothing too deep but a nice read so far.  A Truth Universally Acknowledged is also really good so far.  I’ve only read the first essay but I’m enjoying the lovely commentary on all things Austen!

Looking forward to all the posts and reviews this month!

Happy reading y’all :).


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