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What classic book has changed your view on life, social mores, political views, or religion?

The answer is none of them.

None of the classics I have read so far have changed my views on anything.

However, they have caused me to ask what my opinion is on certain topics.

My opinions have been rounded out, solidified, and re-opened.  I’ve argued and debated, cheered and, on occasion, been properly horrified.  And I thank literature for that.  Having the space to react and think and form opinions about a myriad different issues broadens the scope of life.

But my views have not changed.  Everything I read is filtered through my values and beliefs.  Anything that doesn’t jive with that foundation is tossed.  Some may say that that makes me close-minded but I don’t think so.  It gives me direction, focus and a point of reference.  I’m free to explore without wandering cause I have a compass with me at all times.

This doesn’t mean I’ve got solid answers to all my questions.  Some questions just don’t have satisfying answers – not on this side of paradise anyway.

But I’m okay with that cause God’s got it all under control.

In the meantime, I’ll just keep on reading :)


2 thoughts on “july meme//classics club

  1. What a great answer, Elyssa! I would have to agree with you. I have said before that I “love” early 20th-century literature, but in reality, it is the simple fact that it gets me thinking that causes me to like it so much! It challenges me to further solidify my own thoughts and opinions based on my faith in Christ and His Word. You’re quite right on this!

    Christians who filter their media choices by their beliefs are generally going to be seen as close-minded… and we can’t change that point of view about us. But rather, we can rest assured that we have that compass (God and the Bible) as you mentioned with us at all times. I would much rather be grounded in my faith in God and work outward from that than be objective about everything in life and have no clear cut understanding of Truth.

  2. This makes sense because the classics especially are often stories of broken relationships and the human condition; so naturally, someone who has a strong foundation of her worldview, such as yourself, would find her opinions unchanged. It doesn’t mean literature does not challenge your thoughts, but it does not shake your beliefs. Good for you!

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