Pilgrim’s Progress Read – Along Proposal

Hello readers!!

I’m still not ready for Check-In #3.  I know some of you had said that you were having a hard time keeping up and I know some of you just planned to read quietly so I don’t know your current status ;).

I have a proposal.

Shall we add another week?  Instead of wrapping up on the 9th, we can finish on the 16th.

Leave me a comment and let me know how you’re doing and what you’d like to do.

In the mean time, I’m plugging away as best I can.

Good evening :)


4 thoughts on “Pilgrim’s Progress Read – Along Proposal

  1. That sounds like a plan! I would like to finish reading it by this weekend- haha, yeahhhh right- because I have the possibility of marking it as a book read for our church library’s reading program. Don’t know if that will happen or not! I think my Kindle is marked as like 60% done or something? Not sure.

    I never fully read/replied to your previous check-in but I will do so soon. I did much less note-taking or highlighting in this last section so I don’t know that I’ll have a lot to offer, but we’ll see! Thanks for being such an understanding host! ;)

    • Oh it’d be great if you finished this weekend for your church reading program :) Hope you make it!

      No worries. I still have yet to answer your comment on the first check-in. I’ve sat down to reply a couple of times but have never been in the right frame of mind to formulate cohesive thoughts lol :P.

      This book is no joke and it’s more difficult to respond to. Hopefully the extra week will give us all time to finish and gather our thoughts, feelings, and opinions! :)

      • No probskis. Considering I wrote you an essay, don’t feel bad for not responding yet!

        Turns out that I voraciously read the first part of a different library book so I decided to try to wrap that one up in the next couple days…but having the extended time for PP is great regardless!

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