the great gatsby review

Second Classics Spin is over and I’m sure I can speak for most, if not all, participants when I say that I can’t wait for the third Spin!


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Rating: 3.0 out of 4.0

My thoughts:

I’m still not sure if I particularly liked this book…Let me re-phrase that: I’m not a fan of the story.  It was too depressing.  But it was definitely worth the read.

It was wonderfully written, to be sure, but it was rather frustrating.  And I felt so sorry for Gatsby.  In fact, I felt sorry for all the people in the book, except, maybe Nick Carroway.  And Jordan Baker.   What a reckless, frivolous existence!  The glitz, the glamour, and the grandeur made me all the more thankful for the simplicities of my own life.

For such a short book, it had considerable depth in its own right with the green light and the eyes on the bilboard ad.   The wild parties, the flowing champagne, the broken and illegitimate relationships, the pursuit of what could have been, they were all part of a snapshot of American history.  In the midst of the whirlwind that was the 1920’s there was, perhaps, a longing for the innocence in the past.  It wasn’t perfect, but it possessed qualities that were lost in the new era of the fast & loose generation.  This was the tragedy of  Jay Gatsby.  It isn’t what happens at the end of the book that makes it his story a sad one, but the fact that he’s chasing what he can no longer have: the past.  The past as he wants to remember it, in it’s innocence and purity.

The other thing that strikes you as you read is how stark it is.  There’s no warmth, only empty camaraderie,  barely any trust, and so many lies.  Unhappy people trying to fill their lives with that which makes their lives shallow in the first place.

Sad.  But poignant.  Great piece of American literature when all is said and done.

There.  No spoilers!  Yay!!

I’m looking forward to comparing the book and the original film with the movie that just came out.  I’m really curious to know what they did to it!!

Anyone up for Spin Read 3? ;)


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