The Pilgrim’s Progress Read Along: Embarking on the Journey

July is upon us!!  Tomorrow we begin John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress :D. I’m super thrilled to finally be reading this book and even more thrilled that you’re joining me!


Real quick, I’m just going to review some of the details.

Just a reminder that anyone can join the read along at anytime but if you want to participate in the giveaway, you must 1). participate in the discussions and 2). finish the book by the 9th of August.

Reading Schedule:9781593082543_p0_v4_s600

I ended up buying the Barnes & Noble Classics edition which, mercifully, has notes all throughout the text.  I know we’re all probably reading different editions of the book but here’s my reading plan and if you’d like to, you can pattern yours after it.

PART 1 – July 1-20

  • Week 1: pp. 5-61
  • Week 2: pp. 62-122
  • Week 3: pp. 123-183

PART 2 – July 21-Aug 9

  • Week 4: pp. 187-238
  • Week 5: pp. 239-289
  • Week 6: pp. 289-339

Updates, Reviews & the Giveaway:

I’ll be posting every Monday on my progress (Haha! No pun intended!).  Feel free to comment and discuss in the comments and/or post on your own blog (and don’t forget to link your posts to mine if you do!) Remember, each comment and blog post counts as an entry towards the giveaway.

Which brings me to the fun part!  The winner of the giveaway will receive his/her choice of whatever book they’d like from my Classics Club List.  I’ll have more details later on in the month.

That about covers it!

Happy reading y’all :)


12 thoughts on “The Pilgrim’s Progress Read Along: Embarking on the Journey

  1. Oh man. Totally cool. I want to do this but I’m so overwhelmed, not sure if I’ll have the time! But I’ll follow along one or the other, even if it is just to quietly lurk in the background and creep on all your posts without always commenting. :P

    When you said this starts tomorrow, I thought, No it doesn’t! Tomorrow is June 30th! But you were being very literal, I see, as it is now 1:30 in the morning on the 30th… *faceplant* I am so tired but had a bad night and am still up, so took some time to write. TIME FOR BED. I know you had church today but I have church tomorrow! Dude.

    Have a great Sunday, Elyssa! You always inspire me to read and write more–thank you for that. Maybe I’ll snag a copy of Pilgrim’s tomorrow/Monday at B&N.

    • Hahahaaa!! Creep away, my friend! ;) Aww you’re very welcome! Yes, go get a copy. It’s not as big or as scary as I thought and the B&N version is real nice!
      Have a great Sunday!!

      • I still have not gotten a copy…but my sis is going to the library in just a bit so I’m going to see if she can get me one. I may be perpetually behind for awhile….or…the entire time.

  2. Ohhhh I only just discovered this. . . . if only I didn’t have like 9 books waiting in a pile beside my bed right now :( Will be looking out for your discussions anyway!

  3. hi Elyssa! can’t believe July is upon us already. i started reading and i plan to cover Parts 1 and 2 by allotting stages per week. i’m now on The Third Stage. i hope i’ll be able to come up with a post this week. we’ll see. looking forward to your posts and the discussion as well. :)

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  5. Hey girl! One more quick question: Could you put the names of chapters or sections you will be reading each week? I don’t have the B&N copy and I’d like to follow along with you so I know what will be discussed and when I’ve caught up, etc.

    • I’m sorry to say that my copy doesn’t have chapters or sections, only parts one and two :(. I don’t know what the other editions are like but that’s how mine is. Message me when you get your copy and I’ll try and keep you up to speed as best I can :))

      • I have an ancient library copy with some sections outlined in the table of contents. Maybeeeee if you’re willing you could let me know what the last sentence is of each section that you will be reading? Does that make sense? That way I could find it in the book and mark it ahead of time so I know what to be looking for. I have some handy dandy stickies just for that purpose. :)

      • I can certainly do that! :D

        Week 1: p 61 ends during the conversation between Christian & Charity. “Cha. But what could they say for themselves why they came not?”
        Week 2: p 122 ends with a paragraph beginning with “5. Neither will it out of my mind…” and ending on 123 with “…what will they do when they shall be rebuked by the flames of a devouring Fire?”
        Week 3: p 183 is the end of Part 1 of the book
        Week 4: p 238 ends during a conversation with Christiana & Great-heart. “Christ. They are Idle;…and the rest of this Way to the City.”
        Week 5: p 289 “Then said the old Gentleman, … Unto himself must die.
        Week 6: p 339 is the end of Part 2 of the book!

        Hope that helps, my friend!!

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