‘Stuff Christians Like’ Review


The book Stuff Christians Like is a collection of laugh-out-loud essays from Jonathan Acuff’s blog StuffChristiansLike.net.  It was a free download on ChristianAudio.com a some months ago so I had the extreme pleasure of listening to the audiobook read by Acuff himself.  I totally recommend the experience.

Sometimes Christians give off the vibe that we don’t laugh or have any fun.  Oh, so not true!  Christians are funny simply because people are funny!  And it’s great to losen up every once in awhile and laugh at ourselves.  Jonathan Acuff’s satire about different stereotypes and common church happenings had me cracking up!  I think one of my favorite essays was about the 7 people you meet in a prayer circle – The Opener, The Almost-er, The Rambler, The Cave-In, The Gunslinger, The Shot Blocker, and The Closer. FU-NNY!!

I finished it in one day while cooking and baking last Friday.  If you do end up listening to the audiobook, I must warn you not to listen to it while you’re doing something that requires you to pay attention to things like numbers or measurements.  I totally quadrupled the amount of water required for the bread recipe I was only planning on doubling.  Let’s just say that remedying that mistake totally threw off my entire day!  But I had a few great laughs in the meantime!

A word about the negative reviews I saw on Goodreads and Amazon.  I didn’t waste my time reading through all of them but from what I gathered, some people think he’s legalistic or the material is too specific or he’s being hypocritical.  First of all, it’s satire.  He’s being sarcastic about 75% of the time.  While the book should make you think because much of it is so true, it’s not supposed to be a serious, comprehensive study on Christian behavior.  Satire is the key word.  Don’t take all his comments seriously.  Secondly, he’s writing from his own background and experience so not every Christian is going to be able to relate to everything in the book.  I certainly didn’t.  I go to a small, hymn-singing church that doesn’t flash numbers on a big screen to tell parents their child is misbehaving in class.  I’ve never been to youth camp and I didn’t ‘fall in love’ on the last mission trip I went on (which was also the only mission trip I went on).  But while I couldn’t relate to some of the essays, I still found them funny cause I was familiar with stereotypes and culture and…it was funny!  Some readers are going to be able to relate to every page in the book, other’s will pick, choose and leave the rest and that’s fine.  I don’t think the author himself could ask for more than that!

So if you get a chance, check out the book.  If you like Christian comedy, it’s totally worth a read (or a listen!).

Y’all stay blessed :)

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One thought on “‘Stuff Christians Like’ Review

  1. I love Jon Acuff! He cracks me up. I have never read any of his books at length but I’ve read some of his blog writing and seen some of his quirky little vids. He seems like great fun. :)

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