18th Century English Literature Event

Délaissé is hosting an 18th Century English Literature event for June!!

18th c lit

My exposure to English Literature has been quite limited largely due to the fact that I shied away from taking the course in college.  I think it’s high time I do a bit of exploring in this area of great literature!  This means a bit of research.  For now though, Robinson Crusoe is my choice for this event.  I’m a bit nervous :P but pretty excited to dive in!!

If you’d like more details about this event, you can check out the event announcement here.

Whew!! What with the 2nd Classics Spin starting on Monday, and my Pilgrim’s Progress reading event in July, plus this event, I’ll be quite the busy reader this summer!

And that’s just like I like it.

Y’all stay blessed and happy reading :).


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