teaching true love to a sex-at-13 generation//book review

I read this book in less than 48 hours.  I didn’t mean to.  It has been sitting on my shelf for several months and I always meant to read it someday.  But it wasn’t on my TBR list or anything so it just sat there.  Until last night.  I meant to just skim through it and familiarize myself with the contents and then put it back.  An hour and a half later, I was more than halfway finished.

I’m not a parent.  I’m not married.  But I have a heart for kids and teens.  There are several kids in whose lives I have, at least, a small influence, and I want to be a good role model in every way possible.  So when I saw the book among the Ludy’s library, I figured, “Why not check it out?” I’m so glad I did.  This is a must read for every parent and leader.  I’ll go further and say this is a book for anyone who plays an influential role in any child’s life.  So grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, this book is for you too!


First, let me just say that I’ve read almost all of Leslie Ludy’s books and I love them!  I really admire the work that Eric and Leslie have poured themselves into for Christ and I know God is blessing their ministry.  The fact that it was their book in the first place was the main reason I bought it!

Eric and Leslie hit the key point that our culture we as Christians have neglected.  Romance, love, and marriage are all highly valued by God.  He’s the creator of romance after all!  Who better to know how it works and how fulfilling it’s meant to be?  So why is it that we’re left to our own immature devices when it comes to love?  Or worse yet, told that it’s not worth our time or it doesn’t exist because you end up just getting hurt in the end?  Eric and Leslie not only expose the reality of the perversity of the world that so many young people (and I mean young like 11 and 12) are subjected to on a daily basis, they offer hope and direction to parents and leaders who desire to encourage and teach their children that there is more to love, sex, and marriage than the ugly picture our depraved culture has painted.  Parents and leaders should be team mates with their kids, together seeking God’s best for their love lives.  And to re-frame it for my life, singles should be cheering each other on in purity!  Reading this as a single person who’s still holding out for my happily ever after, it was an incredibly encouraging reminder that waiting, as tough and lonely as it can be sometimes, is totally worth it in the end!  Whether I get married or stay single for the rest of my life, God’s plan for my life is perfect if I’ll only let Him script it for me.  And in the meantime, embracing God’s view of romance is so much sweeter than accepting the world’s twisted view as the norm.  I feel so happy and more content to wait for God to write my love story in His own perfect time!

“Waiting on God and allowing Him to guide us is not a passive process. When Eric and I encourage young people  to wait on God, we don’t mean they should sit in their room twenty-four hours a day, afraid to go anywhere or do anything until they hear a booming voice from heaven.

Waiting on God is an active process, just as waiting on tables in a restaurant is an active job. A waiter in a restaurant must be continually aware of his patrons’ needs, continually seeking to serve and please the customer. Waiting on God is similar. It’s a daily pursuit of Him It means seeking Him continually, communicating with Him hourly, and listening to His gentle whisper on a moment-to-moment basis. It means allowing His Spirit to hold us back or nudge us forward as He desires.”

There were so many good quotes in this book but this is the only one I took time to mark because this is what spoke to my life.  In a world of hooking up, shacking up, breaking up, and short term, meaningless flings, the idea of waiting on the Lord can seem so….prudish.  But if God’s best is what we truly want in life, we’ll be willing to wait no matter how long it takes.

So if you are a parent, leader, have any influence at all in the lives of children or teens, or you’re like me who simply wants to be in-the-know and get some encouragement for your life, I highly recommend this book!!  It was a quick read for me and but was super good!

Next book I’m buying is When God Writes Your Love Story, also by the Ludys.  It’s been on my wish list for awhile but now I reeeeally want to read it!!

Ya’ll stay blessed :)


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