true woman 101: divine design review

I’m very much a book nerd, as this blog proves, but I’m also very much a girly girl.  Not in a high-maintenance kind of way, but in a I-like-dressing up-going-shopping-and-watching-Jane-Austen-flicks kind of way.  And I love books on biblical femininity and womanhood.  So when I saw this Bible study on biblical womanhood, I couldn’t wait to buy it!


Mary Kassian & Nancy Leigh Demoss team up to teach women about what it means go after what God wants for women.  They start at the beginning and talk about God’s purpose for both men and women and why we were created differently and how those specifics are important when it comes to glorifying God.  From there, they go on to address how the beautiful framework of womanhood has been attacked by Satan and how cultural and societal lies have been accepted and woven into our thought processes.  It was extremely interesting and inspiring and I didn’t want it to end!

What’s also super great about this study, is that there is a companion website where you can visit and watch “table talk” videos for each lesson.  Here, authors Mary and Nancy, along with a panel of other women, discuss each chapter and how the lessons have impacted their lives.

This is a great study for women’s groups.  I highly, highly recommend it!  Married, single, it doesn’t matter.  There are so many different ideas and theories about what womanhood is and what femininity means.  This study answers a lot of questions about God’s design is for women and how beautiful His plans for us truly are!

To check out the book and additional resources, check out the website:


2 thoughts on “true woman 101: divine design review

  1. The women’s Bible study group I’m in did this Bible study last year. I would definitely recommend it to others as well! :-)

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