don’t waste your life book review//nerdy non-fiction 2013

“Desire that your life count for something great! Long for your life to have eternal significance. Want this! Don’t coast through life without a passion.”


I’ve added this title to my list of books to buy.  I got a free copy of the audiobook from Christian Audio and decided to listen to it for the 2013 Audio Challenge.  I’m so glad I did.  However, I’m finding that it’s a bit more challenging to review an audiobook than to review a hard copy.  Here are a few of my thoughts on this great read!

SPOILER ALERT: This post does contain spoilers!! You have been warned ;).

In Don’t Waste Your Life, John Piper, also the author of Desiring God, challenges readers not to live a life of selfish gratification.  He proposes that a life not wasted is a life fully devoted to the cause of Christ.  I believe that 100%.

“My joy grows with every soul that seeks the glory of God in the face of Jesus Christ. Remember, you have one life. That’s all. You were made for God. Don’t waste it.”

It’s so easy as Christians to feel discouraged and downtrodden or worse yet, complacent and comfortable with the mediocre.  Neither of those conditions are what God intends for our lives.  He’d rather us live passionately and boldly and completely sold out to Him, making Him front and center of everything we say and do.  Piper pleads with his readers to take God and our lives seriously and not waste it on that which doesn’t last.

“But whatever you do, find the God-centered, Christ-exalting, Bible-saturated passion of your life, and find your way to say it and live for it and die for it. And you will make a difference that lasts. You will not waste your life.”

“God created me—and you—to live with a single, all-embracing, all-transforming passion—namely, a passion to glorify God by enjoying and displaying his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life.”

This is why I need a hard copy of this book, so many great life quotes!!  Here are a couple more:

“You don’t have to know a lot of things for your life to make a lasting difference in the world. But you do have to know the few great things that matter, perhaps just one, and then be willing to live for them and die for them. The people that make a durable difference in the world are not the people who have mastered many things, but who have been mastered by one great thing.”

“Life is wasted if we do not grasp the glory of the cross, cherish it for the treasure that it is, and cleave to it as the highest price of every pleasure and the deepest comfort in every pain. What was once foolishness to us—a crucified God—must become our wisdom and our power and our only boast in this world.”

This book deserves a re-read.  I’m so glad I finally got to listen to it!  Life is a precious, precious thing and we owe it to our Creator and Lord of the Universe to live it in such a way that brings continual glory and honor to His name!

Y’all have a blessed day :).


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