I only have time for a quick note! Excuse my rushed tone (if you can feel it oozing from my fingertips, that is)! I have been absent for awhile. I’ve been slacking on reading events and what not. Ergh, not cool I know. While I’m happy to say I have not dropped out of the blogosphere, I’m even more excited to say that I have a pretty legitimate excuse for being away.

Ready for it?


I have been waiting for this opportunity for a looooong!!! To get a domain name and drop the ‘wordpress.com’ off the end of my url! Well, it has happened and let’s just say it’s been a great few weeks. I hope to have the finishing touches finished in the next few days and will announce the launching :).

What will happen to this site? Good question. I was going to scrap it and move everything over to the new site but thought better of it. This blog will remain as my book blog. I’ve put so much into this space that I didn’t have the heart to hit the delete button! Unscripted will remain as my haven for all things literary!! Ha, well I’m not ditching the ‘wordpress.com’ after all.

Not yet anyway!

So stay tuned, dear readers! I will be keeping you posted.

Y’all have a blessed day :)


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