audio vs. hard copy: how do you read?


With all this reading and book reviewing I’ve been doing will will be doing, there is a question that I’ve never quite been able to answer for myself:

I still haven’t decided whether or not I count audiobooks I’ve listened to as books I’ve read.

Part of me says yes and part of me says no.  I’ve been an audio bookworm for years and still haven’t settled that in my head.  I just think reading and listening are two different things.  Or has reading become the all-purpose term for taking in information from a book?  Whether you physically hold the book in your hands or your parents read it to you before bed or you pop the tape into your player doesn’t matter, but rather that you are taking in the story or information that the author penned.  It certainly sounds better to say, “Oh yeah I read that book awhile ago,” instead of “Yeah I listened to that on tape once.” (Okay, I know books-on-tape are so very antiquated, but you get my meaning!) Often, after I’ve finished an audiobook, I’ll want to get my hands on a physical copy so I can read it and pick up on anything I might have missed.  This is usually the case with non-fiction titles.  However, I don’t hesitate too much to say that I’ve read a novel I’ve only listened too.

I don’t know.

I know I’m probably over-thinking this :P.

What do y’all think?  How do you read?  Which do you prefer?  Do you consider audiobooks and hard copies equals?

Y’all have a blessed day =)

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4 thoughts on “audio vs. hard copy: how do you read?

  1. I don’t listen to audiobooks. I tried it back in the day, but I have such a hard time focusing! That’s just me though. I like to listen to sermons or lessons on my mp3 player/computer though, even though it takes a lot to keep me centered and focused.

    I think listening to an audio book counts as reading it, although I can certainly understand wanting the feel of it in your hands. I’ve been cracking away at Fitzgerald’s book for quite awhile on my phone and I miss the feel of a physical book in my hands. Either way though, as long as you’re taking in the story, you’re sorta “reading.”

    • I know what you mean about focusing! There have been times I miss whole chapters at a time cause I wasn’t paying attention! I do listen to sermons too and lectures for school when I can get them. I usually don’t have a hard time focusing on them though cause I’m either listening right before bed or doing something relatively stationary like ironing, cooking, or doing my hair.

      I just got a Kindle for Christmas and I absolutely love it!! I love the fact that I can upload blog posts, articles and pdfs from the internet or my computer but I’m still not completely enamored with ebooks yet. I can’t get into reading a novel or long piece on a screen! However, I have downloaded several free non-fiction titles from Amazon and do read them. I don’t know, I suppose I’m just getting used to it. I guess I’m just old school and while I’ll always love audiobooks, nothing will ever replace a good, old fashioned hard copy book! =)

  2. I typically like to read physical copies or eBooks. I’ve listened to a few audio books (books on tape, books on CD, and even audio books online), and I’ve found that they can be done quite well. However, it doesn’t beat the physical copy because I like being able to make up the voices of the characters by myself.

    But as far as writing your “What I’ve Read” List, audio books count just as much as regular books. You know the content of the book and have gone on the journey with the characters (fiction), which is all that matters! :-)

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