read along tuesdays, thursday edition

I’ve been trying to write this post for the past couple of days and I’m determined to get through it today!  Here’s the Thursday edition of Read Along Tuesdays :P.

I figured that since the year began on a Tuesday, I’d do weekly post every Tuesday and talk a little bit about what I’ve read in the Bible that week.  Yeeeeeeah.  As one might imagine, commenting on scripture is a whole different ball game than commenting on any other book!  Where do I begin to talk about Adam & Eve and Cain & Abel and Methuselah and Noah and Abraham & Sarah and Lot and Isaac and Ishmael and Hagar…?  So much is covered in these 27 pages!  So many lessons to be learned.  So much to absorb and  ponder over.

I haven’t yet determined how brief or in-depth my comments will be in the future, but for today, I’ll keep it short and sweet. First of all, WOW. When I tried to read the Bible last year, I don’t think I even made it this far. Now that I’m actually taking the time to sit and read and not just pick off passages for reference purposes or hearing a verse during morning and evening devotions, but actually reading through and building on context and the various happenings, it’s such a rewarding experience. The Bible is just a super cool book! There are no two ways about it, God’s Word is awesome!! And because it’s His word, there’s something wonderful that happens to your soul when you’re reading it. It’s a calm and an inspiration you don’t get from any other reading, that you’re not meant to get from any other reading! As inspiring as other great writing can be, these words, inspired by the very Creator of the universe, capture human heart in a way that can only be realized in the reading of them. It’s truly a beautiful thing!

As a Christian, to me the Bible isn’t just a great work of ancient literature (cause it is that), it’s not just a collection of interesting, sometimes heartbreaking or humorous, stories (cause it is that), it’s not just a great text on history (cause it is that), it’s not just an authority on the sciences (cause it is that), it’s not just philosophy, psychology, sociology or even religion, (cause it’s all of those too).  The Bible is the living, breathing, ever relevant Word of God.  From “In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.” in Genesis to “The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.” in Revelation, God reveals His heart.  How can I deny myself the pleasure of drawing nearer to the heart of God?  The very idea that God even cares that much about me to condescend to give my this letter of His love brings tears to my eyes.

That’s why I’m going to make it through this year in His word.  I’m finally committing to this way of getting to know my loving heavenly Father.  And I’m relishing every moment of it!

Okay, so I didn’t comment on anything I read.  I was just basking the utter coolness of the Bible.

I’ll pick it up next Tuesday :)

Y’all have a blessed day!


2 thoughts on “read along tuesdays, thursday edition

  1. Woohoo! Go Elyssa! Isn’t it great reading His Word? I’m really gleaning lessons from it too. :) I was actually going to do something like this on Jobe Reads but I didn’t have any sort of intro planned. I was just going to jump in. So I think regardless of the fact that my readership of JR is just you at the moment, haha, I’ll link to this post as a nice pre-reading bask in the “utter coolness of the Bible” for my first Bible post. You articulated it very well! So blessed to be accountable with other readers for this year. Look forward to reading your thoughts on His Word as time goes on!

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