in which i ramble about the writer’s manifesto

I have a problem.

A serious problem.

And I’m going to confront it right now.

My ailment manifests itself in daydreams.  Wonderful dreams where my name graces the cover of a book or at the beginning of a magazine article.  You know what I’m talking about?  Those of you who are writers and bloggers can relate, I’m sure.  You sit in front of your computer screen trying to crank out clever copy and slowly, your mind wanders off and you fantasize about what it’d be like to be read.  To have your words devoured by a famished reader somewhere afar off.  Then you look at the few lonely sentences on your screen.  How utterly depressing!  You begin dreaming again.  Someday someone is going to read your work.  And they’ll love it!

Oi, oi, oi!  This is dangerous!  I spend so much time thinking about being read, I never get any real writing done!  *hand on forehead* Erg! It’s a rather frustrating place to be cause all that’s waiting to be written kind of piles up inside and clogs up my creativity.

Then I found The Writer’s Manifesto.


It’s like it was written just for me.  Don’t you love it when you read something and you’d swear it was written just for you?  Like when I’m sitting in church and feel like the pastor is speaking directly to me?  Or when I’m reading the Word and it’s like God hand picked the verses I needed to read that day.  And I know He does that cause that’s how cool He is :D.

But I digress.  Jeff Goins’ ebook, The Writer’s Manifesto is exactly what I needed to read.  In it, he tells writers to “Stop writing to be read and adored.”

It was like having a bucket of cold water sloshed in your sleep-weary face.  WHA!?!  My purpose as a writer is really more like my…ulterior motive?  You mean the less I care about being read, the better I’ll become at actually writing?  Exactly.

Someone inside my brain just went, “Duh, Elyssa!”

Okay, it sounds simple, but until you let it slap you in the face a couple of times, it’s easier said than done.  Who doesn’t want to be admired and appreciated for their work?  That’s what every artist wants right?  Well yes…and no.  Perhaps what every true artist desires is simply the room and freedom to create.  To express what’s dearest to their hearts regardless of who listens or reads!

Give me a moment while I let that sink in…

So now that begs the question: Am I writing just to write?  Or do I actually have something to say?

More cold water in the face.  *splutter splutter*

Of course I have something to say!  I always have something to say!  Be it poetic or prosy, a writer has something they want to say to the world.

Well that’s just hearts and flowers but when you’re as painfully punctilious as I am and you want that perfect copy the first or second time around, you don’t allow yourself the beautiful mess of experimentation.  Another draft.  And another.  And another.  Man this writing stuff is hard work!  I already have to work hard to finish my degree.  Who has time to sit around and sweat over word choices and sentence structure?  Who has time to experiment with creativity?  I want to be good at this now.

So I daydream.  I dream that someday, somehow I’ll get there.  And I’ll be read and adored.

(I have time to dream, but not to write.  Cause that makes perfect sense…o.O)

This, then, begs further questioning.  Is what I have to say worth fighting for?

*splutter cough splutter*

Am I willing to work hard at saying it the best way possible?

*splutter cough cough splutter* Enough with the cold water already!

After some consideration, and second reading of the The Writer’s Manifesto, the answer is a resounding YES!  I do have something to say and I am going to work hard to put it into words!

*sigh of relief*

The fact that Jeff Goins wrote this piece proves that I’m not an oddball.  Turns out there are other more-than-slightly distracted writers out there and we all need a shove in the right direction…and maybe a little cold water in the face!  Phew!

So where, you may ask, can you check out this wonderful little piece?  Easy.  Just click here.  You can sign up for Jeff’s newsletter updates by e-mail and get a free copy of The Writer’s Manifesto (that’s what I did ^.^), or you can purchase a copy for $0.99 on Amazon  for your Kindle or Barnes & Noble for your Nook.

December’s all about organization in my life.  This is one place that needs some shaping up. This ebook is short and sweet and the perfect place for me to start ^.^.

Y’all have a blessed day =)

And check out Jeff’s blog, Jeff Goins, Writer. He’s got some great stuff!!


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